Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Cat's In The Tree, It Must Be Spring

If you look really carefully in the top right of the picture, you might see two beady yellow eyes staring back at you. That would be our mischievous cat Sphynx, of kitty-under-the-floor fame. Today she decided she was going to climb up to the top of the weeping cherry and bat at the gnats flying about. She stayed up there for a good half hour or so, nearly rolling out of the branches a few times. Nothing unusual there, in that our cat is without a doubt the most ungainly feline either of us has ever encountered.

We spent most of the day outdoors; Amy working on mulching and planting some herbs, me working on sharpening the lawn mower. It seems our lawn has some particularly tough bits of crab grass, which tend to make mowing a chore. Maybe one of these days I'll actually start mowing it every fifth day, instead of around every tenth. There's few things in the world I like better than the smell of freshly cut grass... that is, at least until it starts me sneezing.

Our new groundhog-proof herb garden

Amy also moved a bunch of our excess patio stones to the area between our two sheds. It makes our brick patio look nicer (no big piles of flat stones), plus it also conveniently plugged up a hole made by an unwelcome guest. Hopefully ol' Tubby will take the hint and move on to friendlier pastures.

After a hard day's work, we both relaxed and enjoyed a tasty meal of leftover grilled steak sandwiches with swiss cheese and caramelized Vidalia onions (my onion loving sister-in-law would be pleased). I also roasted some tomatoes with a little sea-salt, pepper, and parmegiano cheese. The steak was from earlier this weekend when I decided to introduce Amy to Chimichurri, one of my favorite ways to cook steak.

All-in-all, our second spring in the house is off to a great start!